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Construction Surveys

Construction Surveys

Construction survey has a particularly important role in construction design. Industrial and Civil Designing Consulting Joint Stock Company (IDCo) is a reputable and professional company, has capability to provide quality survey services with the most completed and accurate information. Construction survey requires not only precise technical information but the environment protection issues. The reasons you should choose IDCo as your Consultant are:

  • IDCo is a Construction Surveyor with sufficient capacity to all types, grades of construction works, and types of surveys.
  • We have a team of professional and skilled engineers and employees who many years of experience in the field of construction and always fulfills the assigned tasks.
  • The surveying works done by IDCo always comply with technical requirements in construction, safety, environmental protection. They are always checked, approved, supervised, and accepted according to regulations.
  • The surveying results are prepared by IDCo are in details, assurance for honesty, objectivity, accuracy, and true reflection on the site.

The main three services in surveying works that we can provide our Clients are:



Before implementation of any design work, existings survey is the very first step of a project. Our Company always finds the best optimal solution for Clients’ land lots. Therefore, it is necessary to have data of the existings; it is a process of getting accuracy data to have better understanding in the process of setting up concepts to meet Clients’s demands.


After surveying, we can assess elements that may influence to the design, and creative concepts of design will be adjusted accordingly. All data will be collected and arranged logically to facilitate the development of ideas and concepts in design.


Existing site survey at Factory


Geo-technical survey for a project plays a very important role in providing essential data for:

  • To assess in detail suitability properties of environment and site location to the projects to be built.
  • To define variations in geology due to economy and constructions done by human, and effects of these variation to the buildings themselves as well as the neighboring works.
  • To select and design foundations how to make them optimal, reasonable and cost savings for the projects.
  • To recommend the most effective and suitable statements of methods for constructions, and predict problems, obstacles that may arise during construction.
  • To assess accurately safety rate of the existing works, newly design or renovate existing buildings and study causes that damage the projects.

Drilling boreholes for geo-technical survey in Vinh Long Province


Drilling boreholes for geo-technical survey at a factory in Binh Duong Province

  1. Topographical survey plays a very important part in surveying works, it includes these followings: observations, explorations, measurements, information collection, and analization of information / data about locations where the projects will be built. The study, surveys will help to have an overview assessment about geology, geomorphology, geography, etc. to have proper technical methods, statements of methods for construction.

Main works of topographical surveys:

  • Collect information: To observe, collect information about natural conditions of the areas to be built and provide conclusion for design and construction.
    • Geodegy survey: To define location of the project, including coordinates and elevations.
    • Drilling boreholes: To define boundaries of soil, sand, rock, gravel, …. and get their samples for experiments to enable to have proper solutions for construction.
    • Outdoor testing work: It is tested directly on the site and give better accurate and reliable about geology, water courses, etc. and other related conditions.
    • Testing in labs: To get samples of soil, stones for testing in the labs. Hi-tech machines, equipment, and devices will help to discover natures and properties of such geology
    • Completion for reports: All results, data will be included into the reports and this is the last step of surveying procedures.



Topographical survey at a factory in Binh Duong Province

Industrial and Civil Designing Consulting Joint Stock Company (IDCo) has full legal entity to provide engineering survey services. With skillful and professional teams, who have years of experience in executing many large projects, IDCo always fulfill the services professionally. With qualified services, Clients can be assured of quality of the survey as well as the prices of these services that IDCo provides.

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