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Project Management

In integration period to the Global Economy, Viet Nam has joined in world organizations such as WTO, ASEAN, AFTA, ASEM, APECT, etc. and this has been providing premises for development of the local economy for many years. Since there are many potentials for development in Viet Nam, multinational corporations, foreign companies from China, Japan, America, Taiwan, etc. constantly invest and develop their industrial as well as civil projects in Viet Nam.

In order to catch up and promote growth of the economy, the State and local authorities keep inproving quality of life for the people. The construction investment on public projects occupies a large amont in yearly national budget, which is mostly for infrastructure systems, hospitals, schools, offices, social appartment buildings, etc.

With the reception of investment from foreign companies and public investment of state agencies, Vietnam's construction industry has developed quite strongly in recent years and many industrial, civil and infrastructure projects have been completed with various large and small scales over the years.

In order for construction investment projects to be completed on schedule with proper quality within the budget, project management is an indispensable part in a construction investment process.


So, what is project management? What are the objectives and effectiveness of Project Management? Project Management involves planning, organization, management, supervision and assessment of the whole development of the project in order to complete the project on shcedule within the approved finance and budget, meet requirements about quality, specific objectives of the projects as well as investment purposes.


Project management for a project shall include two stages:

  1. Preparation for investment projects
  • To prepare investment reports.
  • To prepare investment projects (pre-feasibility reports, feasibility study reports, economic and technical reports)
  • To prepare options of design, basic design
  • To submit for approval on investment reports.
  1. Implementation of investment projects
  • To prepare plans of selections of bidders, organize tender, assess and select contractors.
  • To develop design documents
  • To verify design documents
  • To submit for authorities’s approvals on design documents.
  • To commence construction work for the project
  • Final settlement, as-built and complete the project

Project management for a project:

  • Schedule managment
  • Quality management
  • Quantity management, cost management
  • Safety management
  • Risks management, assessment and risk management.

Links between Project management with other organizations in a construction investment process:




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