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Supervision Consultancy

Construction supervision is an inseparable part of a construction work. Construction supervision plays a role as party to protect benefits and quality for the Investors and the projects at the maximum.
Role of construction supervision consultancy:

  • To manage – Check – Supervise the entire construction process on the site, to ensure that that construction works to comply with the approved design documents.
  • To detect and coordinate to settle any issues arising on the site during construction stage, to support the Investors and Contractors for remedy works and recommend solutions to improve quality of the projects, make good any existing shortcoming.
  • To manage and closely supervise quality of each work on the site during construction stage, to timely and accurately capture the ongoing work on the site for prompt solutions.
  • To observe, monitor and supervise construction progress done by Contractor, check all statements of methods, technical equipment, and workmanship.
  • To ensure the contractors strictly to comply with labor safety regulations, environmental sanitation
  • To assess any shortcomings, limits, and irreasonable issues in the design (if any), consult the Investors and coordinate with Design Consultant to check technical design and recommend for revisising any discrepancies, errors (if any).
  • To strictly supervise input materials as well as equipment, machines, tools and devices to be used on the site delivered by Contractors.
  • To perform checking and acceptance for each of construction items and sign as-built drawings of the project.
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